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Lazio Region  hosted the 7th MedLab Technical and Steering Committee Meeting at its offices in Piazza Oderico da Pordenone 15 in Rome on 31st March. The partners were welcomed by Mr Paolo Lupino (Lazio Region) and Panos Georgopoulos (RCM – Lead Partner). Then, the different project components and their progress were presented. The main topics discussed were the Governance Guidelines and Policy Options (IM); MoUs in general and the financial LL launched by Slovenia (UIP); the coastal pilot implementations and new applications (Lazio Region); actions carried out, ICT services, rural pilot and the new policy briefing (TRAGSA – I2BC); participatory strategic planning and governance (DRU-ARTA); and finally INNO-SME networks (RCM). The lead partner also made an overview of the financial situation of the project.The partners also appreciated the official project extension and decided to hold the final conference in Thessaloniki (Greece) next 3 and 4 October 2011.

The International Public Conference took place the day after, the 1st April, at Sala Tirreno, Lazio Region and was opened by Mr Paolo Lupino (Lazio Region). Mr Jesse Marsh for Region of Central Macedonia made a general presentation of the Medlab project for the audience.

The first session of the conference was dedicated to the MedLab Coastal Pilot led by Lazio Region. Mr Paolo Lupino reported about the 1st and 2nd Workshop and MoUs recently signed with coastal municipalities along the coast of Lazio Region. Technical details of the implementation and operation of the Coastal web application were provided by Mr Alessandro Bratti . Then the floor was given to the stakeholders and their point of view: local Municipalities such as Ladispoli and Minturno gave their contribution and explained the usefulness of the MedLab Coastal services for their administrations; while a representative from a local cultural association, Mr Vittorio Gradoli, Assopaguro Diving, stressed the important contribution that his association and the other have for the data collecting along the coast, and therefore for the updating of the Medlab web applications.

The second session of the conference was focused on the living lab experiences, i.e. on the MedLab pilot projects promoted by the other partners. Mr Nicos Komninos (URENIO – Thessaloniki) presented the INNO-SME Networks of the RCM’s pilot project; Ms Ana Garcia (I2BC) reported on the Rural Development Pilot; Mr Ferdinando Trapani (University of Palermo) talked about the Participatory Strategic Planning; and Mr Michalis Zanos (ANETEL) on the Tourism Pilot Project.

A special session was also dedicated to the plans for the Living Lab PPP, presented by Mr Jesse Marsh, just before the final remarks by Mr Paolo Lupino.  

STC Agenda     -    Conference Agenda Download: PPTs, Pictures


   Projet cofinancé par le Fonds Européen de Développement Régional  -  Project cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund  

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